A -Thank You- Give Away!

It’s time to celebrate! First of all I want to thank YOU for following me and supporting me with my blog and my shop. It has already been a year since I opened my shop so that’s a reason to celebrate right? Time has gone so fast but I’m so happy I’ve made the decision of opening my webshop, and recently took the step to focus on My Attic fulltime! I does take some time to do it my way and I probably should not think about the hours I spend sometimes on upcycling vintage furniture, styling and photographing it and everything else that comes with it. But I must tell you, I really don’t care about the hours because it makes me so happy doing what I love! Every single order, if it’s a flowerpot or a chair, makes me smile and I love the thought of these vintage pieces having a second (or third) life in another home. I already said it in an earlier blog for vtwonen but for me vintage items are so much more special because they make your home unique and personal. The chance of someone else having exactly the same vintage piece in the exact same shape & colour is very small. I think this is a great way to create your own authentic style. I think I can say there’s not a lot that gets me more excited than vintage!

With that being said, the reason I’m writing this blog is to thank you with a special Give Away. I’m giving away this vintage chair which I gave a new layer of dark green paint (Puur Tijm by Flexa)! Green is one of my favourite colours, I love every single shade of green and hopefully you do to! If you leave a comment & share this Give Away on one of your social media channels, you will have a chance of winning this chair. If you don’t live in The Netherlands but you do live in Europe, you can also take part in this Give Away! I will pick a winner on the 27th of April.

give away

give away

Photography: Marij Hessel

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