Bathroom Details (part one)

badkamer plankje

I’ve made some changes in our bathroom. It all began with painting the ceiling (I’ll tell you more about that later this week!) which was a nice starting point for a little make over. Our bathroom is pretty simple in black and white. When we moved in, we chose to keep it simple and clean. If I could do it over, I would probably go for a more outspoken theme, especially when it comes to the tiles. Nevertheless I’m very satisfied and happy with our bathroom where I love to take a bath, put some music on and relax! One thing that was missing was a little shelf underneath the mirror where we could put our toothbrushes and other stuff. On Gimmii (a webshop filled with Dutch design) I found this very nice shelf called “SLIM” by the Dutch brand “Stilist”. I think it fits perfectly underneath the mirror and is very pretty because it sort of disappears into the wall.

badkamer plankje

badkamer wastafel

I also painted the wash basin table in a light grey cleanable paint by Flexa. This paint is very suitable for your bathroom, when it gets dirty, you can easily clean it and scrub it without affecting the paint. The mint green towel and the cute turtle soap dish I bought at Sissy Boy. The round vintage mirror I found a while ago on Marktplaats and the wooden toothbrushes and toothpaste I found at The Alpha Men. In the reflection of the mirror you can see a detail of the painted ceiling!

turtle soap dish

badkamer spiegel

badmaker plankje SLIM

Pictures by Marij Hessel

2 replies on “Bathroom Details (part one)

  • Katie Landeck

    Hi, I was wondering if the shelf is something you thought could be a diy or if you are better off buying it? How does it fasten to the wall? Thanks, Katie

    • Marij Hessel

      Katie, if it was up to me I would buy it. You would have to be very precise to make it yourself but who knows! There are screws attached to the wooden parts that you place into holes in the walls using plugs…


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