Diy Tealight Holders for Fashionista

diy theelichtjes kaarsen

In Holland it’s still pretty cold and unfortunately we have to wait a little longer for spring to come. But let’s enjoy this season while we can and make it cosy and warm at home! I made these easy Diy Tealight Holders for the Dutch magazine Fashionista. You’ll be done in a couple of minutes spending almost nothing!

You’ll only need a couple of used and cleaned glass jars, a white (chalk) marker and some tealights. After removing the labels from the jars with some hot water and soap, I used the white marker to draw some fun patterns on them. It really doesn’t have to be perfect and when you’re not happy you can easily remove the pattern with some water and start over! I mixed them up with a couple of thrifted wooden candle holders. They’re perfect for these last cosy winter nights!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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