DIY Terrarium for vtwonen

diy terrarium

If you’ve read my earlier post about the DIY Hanging Tray, you know I did four DIY projects for vtwonen recently. Today I’d like to show you the second one: a DIY Terrarium! If you’re a sucker for greens like me but you don’t have a lot of time taking care of them, this might be perfect for you! When you’re making a closed terrarium, the plants can take care of themselves for a pretty long time by living on recycled oxygen, water and nutrients, this is called an eco system. The only thing your terrarium needs is enough daylight and warmth. Depending on what kind of plants you use, you can also make an open terrarium, you’ll have to water it regularly though. I used a glas jar from the vtwonen shop but you can use any kind of glass jar or bottle that you like, as long as your hand can get through the opening off course. It’s really fun and easy to make your own mini garden!

diy terrarium

diy terrarium


– A glass jar or bottle

– Soil

– Active charcoal (this will keep the mold & bacteria away)

– Pebbles or gravel

– And a couple of plants off course!


Make sure the jar is nice and clean. Start bij putting in a layer of pebbles in a medium size.


Add a layer of active charcoal, you can find this at the aquarium department at the garden centre.


Put in a good layer of soil and shake the jar a bit so everything is well divided. Make sure the layer of soil is high enough for the plants to get comfortable.


Put in you plants and make sure they’ll stay on their place. Add some green moss or decorations like stones or shells if you like. Put the lid on top and you’re done! Make sure your terrarium is in a light and semi warm place so the eco system can do its work!

diy terrarium

Here you can see the complete DIY video that I made together with vtwonen:

Photography: Marij Hessel

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