New York City

This Saturday I came back from a inspiration & shopping trip in New York City where I stayed for about 3 days with my Costes colleagues. This is the third time I’ve been to New York but every time has been different! I really love the vibe & energy in this city, there’s so much to see! And I haven’t seen halve of it! I kept looking up, to the enormously high buildings, the signs, the big contrasts like the beautiful Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue that is in between the high skyscrapers. I also love the typical stairs, the yellow cab’s and the streetart!

A must-go is Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs on West Broadway. As you would expect, it’s a small but very cosy place with an authentic interior. We had a delicious breakfast here and a day later we also enjoyed a couple glasses of wine in the bar upstairs! The fact that the building is pink on the outside is a big bonus off course!

A great place to have lunch is Jack’s Wife Freda in Soho. I love the name, the logo and even the sugar packets are pretty! We had a nice lunch here and spotted some New York hipsters in the meantime…

We also found some time to take a walk through Central Park, it was the first time I visited this famous park and it’s a great spot to escape from the hectic city centre for a while. We took a healthy lunch with us and enjoyed it in the park where I spotted this cute squirrel! This city is fascinating, sometimes it does feel like your in a movie setting! I would love to go back and explore much more of this beautiful place…

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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