Diy Wall Hanging

diy wall hanging

diy wall hanging

This month I made a diy wall hanging for Fashionista. I felt like a little kid again because I used Polymer Clay (in Holland we call it Fimo klei) to make this wall hanging. When I was a little girl I used to play with this clay all the time. I made the most surprising things with it, sometimes very very small things, like a tiny little pig… I sold my complete collection of Fimo klei creations for a bargain on the flea market a long time ago, I still regret it! Anyway, it was fun to use this clay again for this diy project! If you want to make a wall hanging like this yourself, here’s what you do:

You need:

  • Polymer Clay (Fimoklei)
  • sharp knife
  • rolling pin
  • ruler
  • skewer
  • thin black cord
  • a thin & round wooden stick
  • black paint & brush
  • wooden beads
  • an oven
  • greaseproof paper


diy wall hanging

Step 1:

warm up the clay in your hands to make it softer. For a marbled effect, mix black and white together.

Step 2:

roll out the ball of clay and measure out the shape that you like with a ruler. Use the greaseproof paper underneath the clay so it won’t stick to the table. Cut out several geometric shapes in the colours that you like.

diy wall hanging

diy wall hanging

Step 3:

create a pattern with the geometric shapes and decide what your wall hanging should look like. Use a skewer to make holes into the clay, this is where the cord will go through later. Put the geometric shapes into the oven for 30 minutes on 150 degrees max. In the meantime you can paint the wooden stick black.

Step 4:

when the the clay is ready and cooled off, you can start connecting all the shapes with each other (in the right order) with the cord. Sometimes you need to make little knots to hold everything in place. Use the wooden beads for some extra decoration.

Step 5:

when you’re ready threading the cord, attach the cord to the wooden stick, make sure everything is on the same height. Make a loop with the cord to hang it with and your wall hanging is done!

diy wall hanging

diy wall hanging

diy wall hanging

Photography: Marij Hessel

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