Hotspots De Kledingbibliotheek & Urlaub

kleding bibliotheek Utrecht

This Monday I showed you the cool coffeebar “Koffie Leute” at “Druk“, today I want to add these 2 interesting places to the Hotspot list! “De Kledingbibliotheek” and “Urlaub” are also based at Druk in Utrecht. De Kledingbibliotheek (in English: Clothing Library) is a place where you can borrow designer, vintage & fairtrade pieces for a couple of weeks. The girls behind this unique concept: Maud, Karin & Evita, make sure the clothes are properly cleaned! The purpose behind this concept is to support the idea of sharing & recycling what we have instead of focussing on possessions and material things. They also want to support a group of (young) designer by giving them a platform. What a great idea!

Behind De Kledingbibliotheek, in a beautiful glasshouse, you’ll find “Urlaub, an initiative founded by talented illustrator Ellen Vesters. The name Urlaub is an ode to the holidays Ellen spent in the creative city Hamburg. At Urlaub you can follow several workshops. For instance how to make silkscreens, how to illustrate, write or photograph. A great place to come together and create new things!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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