Working for Flexa: The result of my Retro Jungle room

Flexa Denim Drift

In my previous blog I showed you how I started with the realization of my design for my Retro Jungle room for Flexa. It was very exciting to see my plans come to life step by step! In this video you can see me working on, painting & decorating my room at the Flexa stand:

I was really happy with the result of the graphic shapes on the walls… I think the colours work very well together! On the back wall I used the colour “Oldtimer Rally”, a beautiful and deep dark green that I started to love more and more while I was working on the room. With the colour of the year “Denim Drift” I made a frame around the window which worked quite well with the colour swatches that were hanging on the wall behind the room.

Flexa Denim Drift

On the right wall I created kind of a big artwork with the three colours “Early Dew”, “Retro Vibe” & “Sweet Desire”. I think it’s really cool to make a statement on your wall with colour, it gives the room something playful and fun! I used a vintage cupboard and styled it with plants in painted flowerpots, some books, retro vases & a vintage clock. The little yellow desk lamp was given to me at the Bloggersmarkt by sweet Iris from the blog Enigheid. It was perfect for this room so thanks Iris! The high stool was painted in “Denim Drift” & styled with a boho basket from the thrift store and a cute little banana plant.

Flexa Denim Drift

Flexa Denim Drift

The left wall was divided into two big triangles in the colours “Early Dew” & “Denim Drift”. This wall was perfect for the botanical stills that I made together with photographer Lotte Bruning. I painted the frames in “Early Dew” so they would match nicely with the wall. As an easy DIY I made a bench out of big flowerpots & shelves that I completely painted in “Early Dew”. This bench could also be a nice way to decorate your garden and a pro is that you can easily remove or replace it! The little stool is painted in the colour “Sweet Desire” and the rattan stool & chair I brought from home as well. As you can see I painted a lot of flowerpots with the trendcolours of Flexa, some of them you can find in my shop right here!





I am very proud of the result of my Retro Jungle room and it was so nice to see your reactions & the pictures that some of you made! A big huge thanks to Flexa for letting me work on this amazing project, I absolutely loved it! And thanks to Souraya and Wimke for the nice collaboration, very inspiring girls! And not to forget thank you Green Lifestyle Store for providing me with all you beautiful greens, they really gave the room the botanical touch that it needed!




In this video you can see me finishing up my Retro Jungle room & telling you (in Dutch) how I feel about the result!

Photography & video by Souraya from Binti Home

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