A Happy Christmas Home

christmas home

My previous post was all about not stressing out about Christmas & not wanting to do it all… I hope you enjoyed reading it and at the same time got inspired by some easy green diy ideas! Over the last few days I made some pictures of our Christmas home. If you take pictures yourself, you know the amount of daylight is very limited this time of the year. I really love this season, cocooning inside, lighting candles, snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and tea (all of the cliches!). But the downside is that the days ar pretty short and this means less time to take pictures! So while I was decorating our home and cleaning a bit, I took these pictures in the meantime. The decorating is an ongoing process during Christmas at our home. Like yesterday, I decided to take a quick trip to the thrift store for some wooden blocks that I needed for a diy project. But is is absolutely impossible for me to just go in and out of the thrift store… So off course I had to see everything and I’m happy I did! In between the last Christmas decorations (and a lot of junk) I still found some beautiful treasures! Except the wooden blocks…

christmas tree

Last week I saw a wooden Christmas star at the Instagram account of my inspiring friend Marlous (ohmarie) and somehow it floated around in my head because when I saw a similar one at the thrift store yesterday I almost jumped at it! I love it, thanks for the inspiration Marlous! I also found a very pretty golden star with a little lamp inside of it (I’ll show you later) and much more lovely things. I drove home very happy with my box full of little treasures…

christmas star


This year our tree is decorated with very glamorous bulbs in pink, ochre, gold, dark green and dark blue. The pink metallic tassels I found at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago, they’re so cool! Next to the tree you can see the stool that I upholstered with a fun yellow pattern I got from Motiflow, it’s a nice little spot for Def to chill…

christmas tree

christmas decorations

christmas lights

In our bedroom (we switched all the rooms upstairs which I tell you more about later) we are having some Christmas vibes as well! I received the beautiful Christmas poster from Anki (Zilverblauw) and Evert came home with the perfect poster hanging system (how do you call that?). The big poster was perfect to update our new bedroom and it looks so great on the pink wall don’t you think? Above the bed I hung a Christmas wreath that I made myself with some vintage bulbs to finish it off. Oh how I love Christmas time…. Let’s enjoy these couple of days to the max!

christmas poster

christmas poster

christmas wreath

christmas wreath

Photography: Marij Hessel

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