Attic makeover with Flexa – part two

Flexa muur verven

In my previous blog I told you I was working on a makeover for the attic and showed you the process of making a moodboard & picking the right colour. After using the Flexa Visualiser App and using the colourcards I decided I was going to paint the wall and the shelves in “Vol Tijm”, a beautiful green colour that I also used for our bedroom. This colour would also be perfect for the attic because it wouldn’t get too dark combined with the limited daylight we have there.

Flexa plank verven

I started with the painting of the shelves because this takes more time than painting the wall. I always use (at least) two layers of paint on wooden furniture or shelves for a nice result so I had to consider the drying process as well. The good thing was, we already had the system on the wall so every time I painted one side of a shelf, I could hang it to dry on the wall system and go on with the next shelf.

When all the shelves were done, it was time for the wall… First I used tape to protect the wooden beams and the floor, this is the part that I don’t like but has to be done off course. And then, finally it was time to cover the wall, including the wall system and the wall socket, with that lovely green colour that I can’t get enough of! I like this part because you really see the transformation of the room and for me this part mostly doesn’t take that much time because the wall paint dries quickly. The wall got two layers of paint as well and when it was all dried up, I could start placing the shelves back onto the wall system.

Flexa muurverf groen

Flexa muur verven

Once the shelves were hanging again, we had to connect some of the shelves with each other with an extra piece of wood. Without that connection, the shelves would be lop-sided and it would bother me forever! I like straight lines you know… After fixing that, I could finally see the result and it was exactly what I had hoped for! I love that the shelves blend in with the wall. This colour gives such a warm feeling to the room, just what it needed. I love how this colour combines and transforms with the daylight that is shining in (unfortunately only from one side). My attic was starting to look pretty good already!

zolder met groene muur

Now it was time for the best part, decorating and styling! This time I didn’t want to completely fill up the shelves but keep it a little airy so I can actually see what I have and actually enjoy it. I made a selection of furniture, pottery, lamps, baskets and candle holders that matched the colour scheme a bit and started decorating the shelves. The rest of my stuff will stay in boxes for now so I can open them whenever I have some empty spots on these shelves. For a little botanic touch I added a couple of plants as well, because every room needs some living greens I think! Mos quickly found her way onto a vintage chair that needs new upholstery. She spends a lot of time in the attic, when I can’t find her, she’s often chilling on a chair or curled up in a little corner… I guess she has a thing for vintage as well!

Now, when I enter the attic, I get a warm and happy feeling inside because it’s not just a place for storage anymore. It’s a place where I can enjoy the things that I’ve collected and get inspired and dream of how maybe, just maybe one day, my own little shop would look like…

vintage op zolder

vintage bloempotten



vintage klok

rode kat

Photography: Marij Hessel

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