Diy Boho Baskets for vtwonen

diy boho mand vtwonen

For my latest vtwonen blog I made these diy boho baskets. I was inspired during my (way too short) holiday on Ibiza with my friend, we had so much fun! While we were shopping close to the beach, we came by a very nice stall with all kinds of nice stuff like handmade bags, accessories and clothes. At this stall I saw a couple of baskets with colourful tassels on them. I asked the owner of the stall if I could buy one but they weren’t for sale… So when I got home, I decided to make them myself! I had some baskets laying around that I found earlier at the thrift shop, they were perfect! I bought some pink and red wool and made a bunch of tassels with the help of my two hands… You can also use a fork but you will get smaller tassels. After making the tassels in two colours, I sew them onto the baskets and styled them with a group of plants. With a couple of cacti, you’ll get the right boho vibe… If you’d like to read more of my vtwonen blogs, click here!

diy boho mand vtwonendiy boho mand

Photography: Marij Hessel

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