Diy Leather Magazine Hanger

diy leather magazine hanger

This month, I made another DIY for Fashionista. I saw a lot of cool ideas on Pinterest about leather magazine hangers and holders so I decided to make my own version! Some time ago I bought a big piece of thick pink leather which was perfect for this project. These leather magazine hangers take good care of your nicest magazines and you can make them in any size depending on the size of your magazines.

This is what you need:

– Real leather

– Sharp scissors

– Ruler

– Pen or pencil

– A leather punch

– Metal rivets & eight-hooks


diy leather magazine hanger

Step 1:

Use one of your favorite magazines to measure how long the magazine hangers should be. Use a ruler and a pen to draw the straps onto the leather & cut them out.

diy leather magazine hanger

Step 2:

Use the leather punch to make holes on each side of the leather straps.

diy leather magazine hanger


diy leather magazine hanger

Step 3:

Put the top of a rivet into the hole of the strap. Place the metal 8-hook behind it and then another leather strap. Now you can attach the other part of the metal rivet and make sure the 8-hook is in between the two leather straps.

diy leather magazine hanger

Step 4:

Place the magazine in between the straps and make sure one of the straps is in between the pages of the magazine. Now you can attache the bottom sides of the leather straps to each other with another metal rivet. Now your leather magazine hanger is done! Your favorite magazines deserve a special place right? Hang them on the wall next to your bed, in your home office or in your living room!

diy leather magazine hanger

Photography: Marij Hessel

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