Precious vintage finds

vintage vondsten klok

Last month I wrote a blog for Biano about my dearest vintage finds and off course I want to share it with you here as well! If you’re familiar with my blog, it’s no news if I tell you I LOVE treasurehunting and collecting vintage & secondhand things. It’s absolutely my favourite thing to do! It doesn’t really matter which thrift store or flea market I visit, I litterary always find something. A lot of my thrifted treasures are very precious to me and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them. These are some examples of those precious vintage finds…

This vintage clock I found while thrifting with my sister, I can’t remember where this was but I do remember being very excited when I spotted that clock! It was not working and I still didn’t make the effort of getting it fixed but I love the shape, the modern look, the fine lines and the teak frame. It’s just perfect! I think I have this clock for some years now and it moved around the house a lot but the perfect spot for it is on the shelf above our couch! Never getting rid of that one I think… The mirror, wooden candle holders and glass vase are also thrifted.

vintage vondsten klok

Very recently I found this metal box in a thrift store close to my home town. It was all dusty but the colour caught my eye right away. The box was filled with shoe polish and shoe brushes and on the outside the original owner painted the words “Deze doos is van Kkees” (“This box belongs to Kkees”) which made it even more special. I wonder who this “Kkees” was and if he realised what he did with the box was very cool and stylish! Anyway, it found a way into my bedroom where it fits very well with the other shades of green…

vintage vondsten koffer

During our trip to South Africa, Evert and I visited some flea markets and thrift stores as well. Maybe thrifting in foreign countries is even more fun because it adds an extra memory to the things you find. At a big flea market in Cape Town I found some very special things including this wooden statue. First I didn’t buy it because my suitcase was already pretty full… But I couldn’t shake the feeling that I would regret it later on if I didn’t take it with me. So we turned around and I bought it anyway! I’m very glad I did, I think it’s pretty special. The colourful bottle is also from a thriftstore in South Africa, the embroidered piece I found in Holland while thrifting off course! So I guess it doesn’t really matter where you are, there’s always something special to be found…

vintage vondsten beeld

Photography: Marij Hessel

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